Sharing XER Schedule Data
in PDF File Format?

ScheduleReader is here to change that.

WHAT is it ?

A desktop tool that dynamically presents project data from .xer, xml and .xls schedules, which users can easily filter, organize and share.

WHO is using it ?

All Project Teams and Stakeholders who currently view the plans in PDF or XLS.

WHY consider it ?

Modernize scheduling efforts and improve communication of schedule data with other project members and stakeholders.

ScheduleReaderTM is Available in 2 Versions

Dynamically view project data, organize, filter, track projects progress, collaborate through progress updates and more.

Analyse project KPIs, track project progress through rich visual dashboards, create custom and predefined reports with few simple clicks and more.

Engaged Teams, Efficient Projects

  • Greater Project Control

Ensure projects are finished on time and on budget with no delays due to miscommunication.

  • Save Time & Resources

Share project schedules as XER or XML without formatting and exporting plans to PDF.

  • Keep Up-to-date

Receive proposed updates from the field, while maintaining full control over original project schedule files.

  • Dynamic Overview

View project information in more sophisticated, dynamic way as opposed to the static view provided by PDF files.

  • Easy Organization & Customization

Create personal views with custom filters and groups according to project specifics.

  • Easy Working

Simple way of proposing and reporting back activity and assignment progress updates.

More Sophisticated Way of Viewing and Communicating
Schedule Information

view project data

View Project Data

Detailed overview of project activities through Gantt Charts and different views.

track project progress

Track Project Progress

Keep track of your projects progress, milestones, resource allocation and more.



Engage all team members and stakeholders and deliver successful projects.

analyse project kpi

Analyse KPI’s and Project Status

Bring informed decisions and manage project more efficiently.

import .plf layout to customize schedule environment

Customize Working Environment

Increase your productivity by organizing your work environment..

Ready to get started?

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