Primavera Portfolio Management

This Primavera Portfolio Management Rel 9.0 training covers end-user functionality in Primavera Portfolio Management R9.0. It covers using and creating processes, forms, scorecards, investor maps and workbooks.

Learn To

This Primavera Portfolio Management Rel 9.0 training teaches you how to use PPM functionality to evaluate and analyze portfolios. It’s designed for end-users and does not cover administrative topics.

Learn To:

  • Use and create forms and scorecards.
  • Use investor maps, workbooks and dashboards.
  • Create portfolios.
  • Use and create processes.
  • View items in PPM.

Benefits to You

By enrolling in this course, you’ll develop a deeper knowledge of how to best leverage the Primavera Portfolio Management solution. Case studies will help you apply your newly developed skills to analyze portfolio data.



  • End User

Course Objectives

  • Customize a scorecard
  • View an investor map
  • Track deliverables in a workbook
  • Start a workflow
  • Create process links
  • Create a portfolio
  • Define portfolio management
  • View dashboards
  • Enter data in a form

Course Topics

Using Processes

  • E-Mailing Links and Folders

Using Forms

  • Updating Data
  • Printing and Exporting

Using Scorecards

  • Updating Data
  • Customizing
  • Viewing Cell Properties

Using Investor Maps

  • Displaying a Map
  • Filtering
  • Taking a Snapshot

Using Workbooks

  • Working with Action Items
  • Working with Life Cycles
  • Working with Deliverables
  • Working with Dependencies

Using Workflows

  • Starting a Workflow

Creating Processes

  • Creating Process Links
  • Adding Text Editing

Creating Scorecards

  • Adding Categories

Creating Query-Based Portfolios

  • Entering Portfolio Information