Primavera P6 Reporting with BI Publisher

This Primavera P6 Reporting with BI Publisher 11G training teaches you how to use BI Publisher to build reports with Primavera P6 data. Get a detailed explanation of the P6 Extended Schema, the core database for P6 reporting.

Learn To

This Primavera P6 Reporting with BI Publisher 11g training is ideal for report-writers and administrators who use BI Publisher to generate P6 reports. Expert Oracle University instructors will teach you how to create data models or use existing models to build reports.

Learn To:

  • Create reports.
  • Build new data models.
  • Create and customize layouts.
  • Edit P6 sample reports, as well as existing reports.
  • Use BI Publisher with P6 Analytics.
  • Analyze the P6 Extended Schema.

Benefits to You

By enrolling in this course, you’ll explore the P6 Extended Schema in detail, which includes an explanation of how to use the Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler. A case study at the end of the course tests your ability to build reports.



  • Analyst
  • Developer
  • Manager

Course Objectives

  • Navigate and view reports
  • Create reports
  • Work with P6 Extended Schema
  • Construct new data models
  • Create and customize layouts
  • Edit sample reports
  • Use BI Publisher with P6 Analytics

Course Topics

Navigating and Viewing Reports

  • Accessing Account Preferences
  • Accessing the P6 Reports Section


Creating Reports Using Existing Data Models

  • Selecting a Data Model
  • Adding and Saving a
  • Layout Setting Ouput Formats

Working with the P6 Extended Schema

  • Understanding the P6 Extended Schema
  • Using the Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler

Constructing New Data Models

  • Setting a Default Data Source
  • Adding a Data Set
  • Building a SQL Query
  • Adding a Layout and Viewing the Report
  • Adding a List of Values and a Parameter

Customizing Layouts

  • Using the Layout Editor
  • Customizing Layouts Using BI Publisher

Editing P6 Sample Reports

  • Viewing P6 Sample Reports
  • Editing P6 Sample Reports

Using BI Publisher with P6 Analytics

  • Adding BI Publisher Reports to a Dashboard
  • Creating a Report Based on P6 Analytics Analyses


  • Scheduling Reports in P6 Scheduling
  • Reports in BI Publisher