PMI – ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner) training

PMI – ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner) training

The PMI-ACP is a 3 day training course preparing participant with the knowledge required to pass the PMI-ACP®. The PMI-ACP recognizes knowledge of agile principles, practices and tools and techniques across agile methodologies. It helps participant in understanding Agile in-depth and equips participants in agile delivery methodologies. This course is based upon the PMI®-recommended reference materials on Agile, Scrum, XP, Lean, and other Agile Methods.

Why take this PMI – ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner) training?

PMI guidelines provide for participants to have an in-depth understanding of following topics for passing PMI-ACP exam:

  • There are 56 tasks (roughly equivalent to major agile practices) which are grouped in 6 domains, for study/improvement purpose, which align the project management philosophy to agile project management philosophy.
  • 50+ Tools and Techniques which are grouped in 10 groups of tools and techniques. These tools and techniques are required to perform 56 tasks of 6 domains.
  • 43 Knowledge and skills to master the art of agile project management. These knowledge and skills are available at 3 different levels of rigor for learning and implementing agile
  • To learn all this, PMI recommends 11 books. In three days training we discuss all the above topics and several other important topics from an exam perspective. It must be understood that the PMI-ACP examination would require extensive self-reading. Below is the high level training outline for 3 days course

What you will learn

  • Module 1: Agile Manifesto & Principles, Framework
  • Module 2:  Scrum in Details
  • Module 3: Agile Communication
  • Module 4: Agile Estimation & Metrics
  • Module 5: Planning, Monitoring and Adopting
  • Module 6: Agile Analysis and Design
  • Module 7: Product Quality
  • Module 8: Soft Skills
  • Module 9: Value-based prioritization & Value stream Analysis
  • Module 10: Risk Management
  • Module 11: Vendor Management

Who should attend?

If you work on agile teams or if your organization is adopting agile practices, the PMI-ACP is a good choice for you. Compared with other agile certifications based solely on training and exams, the PMI-ACP is evidence of your real-world, hands-on experience and skill.

PMI ACP certification

Prerequisites: 2,000 hours of general project experience working on teams. A current PMP® or PgMP® will satisfy this requirement but is not required to apply for the PMI-ACP. 1,500 hours working on agile project teams or with agile methodologies. This requirement is in addition to the 2,000 hours of general project experience. 21 contact hours of training in agile practices.

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